3 Goals every new Poker Player should have

3 Goals every new Poker Player should have

When it comes to poker the very first thing that comes to mind is to maximize the total of the money won. It is a game which gives equal chances to all participants to win. Betting is an intrinsic part of poker, the combination of cards of player decides the winner of each hand.

3 Goals every new Poker Player should have

Be certain that your goals are in the realm of control, don’t set irrational goals. Analyze your abilities and set small goals which would eventually lead to bigger success. Every new poker may have different goals of poker card game. Below are few tips for poker players to set goals which may help them to increase their efficiency in the game.

Winning small stakes:

Beginners of new poker game in India must set goals of focusing on smallest stakes and winning them which are available in their favorable format and only after some frequent wins they should start raising stakes. The starters should start from the bottom, understand the game, enhance their skills and move up.

3 Goals every new Poker Player should have
3 Goals every new Poker Player should have

To play a certain number of Hands / Hours per month

Once the player is in to a regular habit of playing a certain number of hours or hands per day and is not distracted by the result, they tend to become more agreeable with the variation. They should concentrate on simple play with specific amount of hands. The player should concentrate on the game without being distracted by the surroundings.

In poker, no chips are deducted if you fold a hand whereas in rummy, drop points are deducted from your account. Poker is known to be grown in the western country and is considered as illegal game in India whereas rummy is legally accepted as a game of skill all over the world.

The popular game poker share the similarity in terms of a cheering the social interactions but both poker is little bit different from other kind of the online games. Though the games poker belong to the group of matching card games as well as require two or more players to start the game then also it differs in other part of the games . Not only this, poker share the common feature of dealing of cards. Poker games require high concentration, calculative mind and ability to make quick but right decisions.

Studying and evaluating the game

How to win in poker….the answer is a thorough study of the game. It helps the player to get better and the feasibility of moving up stakes becomes easier. There are two reasons for playing poker. One is just fun and the other is serious financial returns. If it’s fun than focusing on study is not mandatory but if it’s latter then the suggestion would be to spend good amount of time studying and reviewing your hands in the session and also spend time to search tools to help you improve your game.

The player should be able to identify his mistakes while playing the game and also consider what would have been the best way of playing the same game. The player can make mistakes even when he/she has won the game. Irrespective of the result one must analyze the game to be a better player and make his own step by step guidance for poker. Their goals should be mindful / self – aware and realize if they have extended themselves to play as well as they could.

One should follow all the above guidelines and try to maximize money turnover but they should always remember that Money is just the result and Enjoyment is also an integral part of the game…..!

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