A Football Appraisal of Rio de Janeiro Olympic 2016

A Football Appraisal of Rio de Janeiro Olympic 2016
A Football Appraisal of Rio de Janeiro Olympic 2016

The football king Pele receives the Olympic Flame on 23rd July 2016 to his hometown Santos. He was the host for Rio Olympic 2016 and the Olympic flame honored his feet at the museum. Pele was awarded as the goal scorer of all time. The international Olympic Committee awarded him an Olympic order and named him as Athlete of Germany. He thanked God and the teams who made it possible for him.

A Football Appraisal of Rio de Janeiro Olympic 2016

Portugal makes a statement on July 26, 2016 after a winning in the Euro tournament 2016 that the 17 players are going to play the match in Rio de Janeiro commencing on August 4th 2016.  Each player from the Italian and Spanish teams are included in the team. We are going to miss Nani, Renato Sanch, Joao Mario and the sensational Criatiano Ronaldo in the match during Rio Olympic 2016. The team has decided to select Rui Jorge player from the Portuguese club to join the match to be held in Rio Olympics 2016. Joel from Manchester United reserve as goalkeeper and Tiago Ilori the Liverpool defender are the two players remaining in the team, who will play for the Portugal team.

The team Germany, who had a last victory of FIFA world cup 2014, also has no bigger players to play in the Rio Olympic games, who have played in the last Euro 2016 Championship. The host France defeated the Die Mannschaft in the semi final of the match. The Germany team has 18 players, which made a cut the Serge Gnabry a Midfielder from  Arsenal. Players like Mario Gotze, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Tomas Muller and Manuel Neuer are not selected to play the Rio Olympic game to be held on Aug 4th, 2016 – the players who were involved in the German World Cup winning in 2014.

The Men’s coach Horst Hrubesch of German made a statement that there is a huge anticipation for the Olympic game before it has started. The team include a former player and current U21 combined players. In spite of difficulties in the selection of players, we have selected quality players in the team. In this competition, 16 teams are going to participate in the Olympic while the Portugal team is in Pool D and Germany in Pool c.

Neymar On Rio Olympic 2016

Neymar, the Brazilian star player addressed the press on 26th July 2016, that the Brazil village have a problem for preparation of some Olympic games. We took a lot of time to make ready the Olympic ground, but it doesn’t work out. The men’s team is preparing well for the games, and our training camp is located at the mountain city of Teresopolis. The Brazil team’s goal keeper missed the final warm up match because of his right elbow injury.

Brazil, Renowned for its Production Line

On 23rd July 2016, Micale tested the match simulation combination exercise at Brazil games in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro. At the match, the players defend the pitch in an urge to create pressure to the opposite team. The Brazil team with a defend mind, made a score of 4-2-3-1 during the turn of the century. The Barcelona of Selecao, is in the country’s fifth position for all time top score. He may surpass Pele’s record of 77 goal score. In the European Club, he scores 13 goals out of 28 matches. The Olympic victory might not be  the top of the few countries in the list of football, the Brazilian had made a victory and their top aim is Rio Olympic 2016.

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