Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David Warner

Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David Warner

Cricket is all about building partnerships, be it bowling or batting. Partnerships are equally important in both the departments. A team consists of 11 players and to win a match you need all players to perform well; only one player can’t win you matches.

Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David  Warner

Pressure-handling and performing in pressure are the two attributes that make a team strong. And it’s all about pressure-handling in cricket. Wickets fall when players aren’t able to handle the pressure they feel while playing. Chasing down targets not only requires big shots all the time, it requires taking calculated risks with great concentration during every over of the game.

Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David Warner
Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David Warner

And partnerships are of a great importance due to the fact that partners can take the pressure off the other partner. In a high-pressure game, if one player is not able to handle the game well, the other one could play a loose shot and give away his wicket but if both the players understand their roles and try to take off pressure from each other it could bring wonders to them. Also in the bowling, two bowlers bowl in tandem so if one of the bowlers bowls with tight line and length the other could just bowl aggressively and get wickets for their team. And it’s said that the opening pair has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as they can make or break the foundation for the other players to come. Sachin and Sehwag, Sachin and Ganguly, Adam Gilchrist and Mathew Hayden as well as H. Gibbs and G. Smith are some of the biggest opening players of all time.

Aaron Finch and David Warner

It was a different era altogether when Gilchrist and Hayden used to open since back then the Australian team has struggled with their opening pair; until Aaron Finch and David Warner came to their rescue. David Warner is a left-handed batsman known for his aggressive cricket. He’s known for taking the aerial route and smacking a few balls out of the park. He is one player who likes to dominate the opposition. He’s also the vice-captain of the team in all three formats. Not everybody knows that he’s the only player who has no experience in first-class cricket and plays for an international team. He’s an outstanding all-rounder for the team. He mixes his bowling with leg spin and flippers. Also, he’s a superfast fielder. Warner is also the third batsman after Sunil Gavaskar and Ricky Ponting to score centuries in both the innings of a test match thrice. Whereas Aaron finch has a totally different background and was selected for the under-19 team from first class cricket. He got his first international debut in 2011 in T20.

During the T20 against Sri Lanka

Finch managed to score 153 runs off just 63 balls. He broke all records in that match and since then he was known as a specialist opener to the team. He compliments Warner’s game and that is the reason that these two are the best in the world right now. Nobody can forget the record breaking partnership between the two players in the match against England in Melbourne. Both the lions played their natural game and managed to put up a partnership of 163 runs surpassing the previous record by their ex-team mates of 118 runs by Adam Gilchrist and Mathew Hayden for the first wicket. Aaron finch scored 121 runs and David Warner scored 65. These two players play a very aggressive game. After that there was no stopping these young men. These two players have become a nightmare for the bowling side.

As in 2016, against India they both made a 188 partnership in just 22.1 overs, which was another record breaking stand by the two openers. Their style of playing is very similar to each other and they believe in taking quick singles and rotating the strike as much as possible. These two are buddies both on and off the field which is the reason that both the players have full faith in each other. And this is the reason that Aaron finch is the perfect opening partner to David Warner.

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