About Formula 1 Racing and drivers information about them

About Formula 1 Racing and drivers information about them
About Formula 1 Racing and drivers information about them

Apart from speed and brands, there are some of the fascinating facts about Formula 1 racing and drivers respectively. Formula 1 is all about the pace and accuracy, a minor mistake and a second more taken could result in paying a huge price. As the name suggests, it is a formula of accuracy and technology. Formula 1 events are held with huge amount of preparation and management.

About Formula 1 Racing and drivers information about them

Formula 1 is one of the most expensive sports event ever to be held and this makes a sum of 450 Million USD or more. It requires a supportive co-ordination from the government to sponsors to audience. The Event would be held with the helps of investors and they would look at it from every angle to avoid Losses. As the race is filled with speed, it is important to have a quality oriented facilities and qualified staff to encounter any kind of situation during the race.

Formula 1 drivers

Formula 1 drivers are the most talented and qualified drivers. These drivers would end up driving for a span of 60 minutes covering a distance of more than 300 kilometers. Formula 1 drivers spend at the utmost temperatures and a normal Formula one race eats up up to 4 kilos of weight and recovers the same after a couple of days.

Drivers would be good with mathematics, physics and the science of automobiles in order to gauge the accuracy and there is no room to ignore the machine and its mechanisms behind it. Unlike regular cars, drivers would not have a luxury seating and arrangements in the car, however, there would be enough comfort to focus on the race. An extreme pressure and temperatures leads to hydration and all the drivers would focus on drinking plenty of water before the race as there is no possibility of drinking water during the race as ever second takes a huge amount of importance.

As the cars are used with the latest technology, the drivers will have to compromise their luxury and safety in the cockpit. It is the driver who will undergo a tremendous amount of pressure by covering a huge distance by saving as much time as possible. The drivers could lose 2 to 3 liters of water roughly on a race day. Though, a drinking bottle would be available in cockpits and water can be drank by using a funnel, a sudden decrease in fluid level in our body could result in brain functioning not efficiently and hence, it is important for drivers to have a regular workout and healthy diets as per the physician’s recommendation.

Drivers would end up drinking up to 8 liters of water on a hot turf, these races are held in Australia and Malaysia. Drivers suit is manufactured with utmost care by using top class fabrics, which are scientifically proven that they are efficient while driving and while accidents.

Similar to other sports, Formula racing qualifiers would come from Formula two. Drivers make a journey from Formula Ford, Formula Renault and Formula 3. GP2 is an additional event which is considered equally important to Formula 3.

Formula 1 drivers get to take 3 practice sessions before the race to evaluate and understand the track. When the car is on the top speed, it is the driver’s responsibility to know the upcoming path to get the right turns without compromising on the speed. These practice sessions are arranged by giving a time gap of 12 – 24 hours to plan the turns and speed consistency for every participant. Every single point and turn has to be remembered by heart as there will not be enough time to think and act.


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