AC Milan Has the Best Youth Academy

AC Milan Has the Best Youth Academy

AC Milan the football club in Italy has become the hub for creating top brand players throughout the football history. The associative club called the AC Milan Primavera has been nurturing young lads who are passionate and dedicated towards the game.

AC Milan Has the Best Youth Academy

Now being under the wings of Stefano Nava the club has been in the continuous chain cycle to deliver the perfect machines for the Divolo’s. Under them now there is an army camp going on to fetch diverse and gifted soldiers (football players) and here are some of the gladiator glimpses that the club has given back to the world.

AC Milan Has the Best Youth Academy
AC Milan Has the Best Youth Academy

Matteo Darmian:

In 2000, Darmian became a key figure in the youth team at the age of 10 and continued his streak for a span of 9 years, which indicates his life in the Rossoneri way making him a slight expert in the game. This experience has helped him fetch the disciplinarians in the game, thereby him being transferred to the Red Devils (Man United) since 2015 enough to prove his mettle. His ties with the previous team (AC Milan) have been deep-rooted, which gives us a view of the kind of youth flair the club is producing.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang:

This Gabonese International has been in the AC Milan’s camp for quite a while and it’s a mystery how the team let to transfer the forward from their side in 2012. Backing the team in 2007, he was on the verge of becoming to join the cast of the elite Milan’s club legends, but luck has made the sad difference to him as he didn’t have a dream run when he was with the team. Gosh the Milan’s could have recognized his value sooner but Aubameyang learnt a lot about himself during that phase making him one of the better players, reckoned with now for Dortmund club.

Mattia De Sciglio:

The local lad from Italy has made it to the football club carrying his city’s name. Having spent years on the Divalo’s youth academy, he got a grip and understood philosophy of the training regimes. Hinted as the replica of Maldini who struggled with high expectations, it’s not easy for him but is dangerous when he hits top gear at the left flank, and a willing runner thus revitalizing the club resources. He has become a vital fabric for the new team exuding some familiar panache which they earlier had.

Ignazio Abate:

Currently the right back starter, he has risen through the ranks of youth sector ranks of Milan football club. He is the lightning quick with the ball which helped him earn great reviews and helped the team to win their first Scudetto in 7 years of the 2010/2011 season. This has been no cake walk for him as he had to toil hard to earn a place in the squad, often let out as a loan. Having spent 5 years playing for different clubs thus attaining top-notch form thereby from experiences has helped him return back to his home club much to the delight of the fans.

The facts that I have presented to you is to make a point that youth squad called A.C. Milan Primavera has been so far trying to boost up itself in its quest for dominance in the football sport clubs and the make a point in its participation of the Champions League, thus raising youngsters that help and benefit not only the club but also presenting the youth to the stardom of football careers. Thus on a whole this cites the point that AC Milan has one of the best youth academies.

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