Rugby – Americans first Choice

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Rugby – Americans first Choice.People who know about how American football startup and we also know American’s football match should think that rugby football is matched played by American. This is far of true, but rules and game playing steps are differing for these two games. First of all, rugby is one of the oldest types of football and it also older than the world soccer game too. But, just like as American’s football game and it also comes from the same parent game, and it differs from its rules and form of playing the game.

Rugby – Americans first Choice

The ground where world rugby played is 100 meters long and 69 meters length and this field is called as a rugby pitch. Each team of this rugby game includes 15 members and those each member are named as Loose Head, Rake, Tight Head, Second Row, Lock, Blindside, Open side, Number 8 and seven backs. These 7 backs are further called as scrumhalf, flyhalf, two wings, inside and outside center and fullback.

After allocating members of the team, rugby is started to play when the umpire signals to begin. As like as other sports game, a starting team of rugby also decided by tossing the coin. But, unlike the other sports game where the same kind of balls is used for all people, whereas, in this game, the size of the ball is varied based on the age group of the players.

A shape of this rugby game resembles the ball used in the American’s football game match. With this game, the player can involve their entire body in the game and gain a lot of advantages. However, they need to wear protective gear to get rid of injuries. This is because, balls played by this game flying at very fast, so there are chances to get injuries.

Rugby in the USA:

The rugby game is attracted by people around the world and they encouraged watching its live game as like as other sports. At first, this game is played by experts and it shows as one of the entertainment game for the audience and as well as players too. Thus, a number of people who are interested in sports became a fan for this rugby game and started to play too. In this way, rugby got more fans in the United States of America.

Over the past few years, more and more people interested on the rugby and started to watch on the television. And, it got a lot of improvements gradually and not, this is played in almost all universities and colleges too.

In addition to that, in many areas of America, this rugby games is played even by the high school students and school students. In order to pick up a higher level in the future, students are involved during early stage and its parent’s wishes too.

Rugby one of the most popular games today

Now, playing rugby is one of the easiest game compare with other older and popular games. Moreover, it got an equal place as like as world football game and many players plays this game easily than past few years.

On the other hand, many sports organization started to give awareness of sports among all people around the United States of America. So, people also interested to joint in at least any one of sports game. However, counts of preferring rugby increased day by day, because people thought it’s a new fun game. This is one of the reasons for the growth of rugby in the US.

At last, rugby became the first choice of people in the United States of America and sports person from other countries also would like to play this amazing game.

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