Serena Williams – Richest Player

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Serena Jameka Williams is the world’s best tennis player, female, who has won many and many awards and Grand Slams, was born on 26th of September, 1981. Serena is from the United States of America who is the best professional tennis player present across the world.

Serena Williams – Richest Player

The tennis association which is there for the women’s has ranked her as the No.1 tennis player in singles in the world and this honor has been given to her 6 individual times on different occasions. She is the one and only player who have earned more than $60 million in a year just as prize money. This is the world record created by her. She has an estimated net worth of about $145 million in the year of 2015.

She won gold in both the Sydney and also the Beijing Olympics. This is one of the most remarkable records made by her. She faced many different kinds of injuries during all these years. She is the best of all the women tennis players who are present in the world.

And yes, every other contestant will have a little fear if they are about to face Serena on the court. She has won 19 Grand Slam titles, which made her the best of the bests present. Her current net worth is around $130, Million.

Record holder for different records

She broke many different records which were already made by legends of the tennis. She was the first to win the WTA championship which made her win $10 million, which was also a new record created by her.

She is a right handed player and she became a professional in the year 1995. She is the winner of Olympic medals for 3 times.

She was also fined for many activities like verbal abuse, racquet abuse and likewise. She was the best and big time competitor of the most popular tennis player, Maria Sharapova. She has a big deal with the Nike which was signed in the year of 2004, which is worth $40 million. Likewise, she has many different kinds of deals with trending brands. She also owns many things which are quite famous and costly.

And unfortunately, her career may come to an end as every other she too ages. The thing is, she did not have the best kind of sponsors throughout her career, but somehow, she managed to earn money which made her the no.1 tennis player in the world.  

Major drawback of Serena

The major drawback about Serena is that she is short-tempered. And this is her weak spot. And thus, if you really need to see Serena lose the game, all you have to be doing is to push her a little towards anger which will result quite well as you expect. This has been the reason in many cases whenever she lost a match. Otherwise, you can never beat her up that easily. You must have to struggle and scream out if you really wish to win her.

Thus, Serena is the best Tennis player ever seen by us. And also, nothing came easily to her. She really worked harder and harder and harder to be in a place where she is actually now. She is the best example which explains well that only hard work will pay you well what you actually deserve.

Thus, by reading all the above-mentioned facts and features of the great Serena Williams, you will have a clear idea as of now. And also about the place where she is and the things which she did to attain what she have right now which will help you out in getting to know about them in an easy way.


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