UEFA Championship 2016 in Brief

UEFA Championship 2016 in Brief

This is a quadrennial international championship for European men which is organized by UEFA. It is commonly referred to as Euro 2016. This time round European Championship will be the 15th edition, and it has been expanded from 16 participating country to 24 contestants. The tournament is expected to last for 30 days i.e. from June 10 to July 10, 2016. The competition will happen in France. French team have won the European Championship twice.

UEFA Championship 2016 in Brief

France qualified to host the Euro 2016 tournament after they had beaten Italy and Turkey for the right to hold the games on 28th May 2010. The bidding for hosting the Euro 2016 tournament was done by four teams where only France qualified after beating Italy and Turkey. Norway and Sweden had made a joint bid to hold the tournament, but they withdrew the proposal in December 2009 and left three teams contesting for the host.

UEFA Championship 2016 in Brief
UEFA Championship 2016 in Brief


To qualify to play for the UEFA Championship, 53 teams contest in a group stage where there are eight groups of 6 and one of 5 to join the host team. They play for several round, and 23 teams are selected as the finalist to contest for the Euro championship together with the host which makes 24 teams fighting to be the European champions. For the Euro 2016, Gibraltar qualified to participate in the tournament for the first time in history since it just joined the UEFA. For the teams to qualify to take part in the tournament, it must be a European country and a member of UEFA.


For the Euro 2016, France the Host had initially selected 12 venues where they expected the matches to play, but the Euro organizers will only take nine venues of the twelve submitted. Among the venues chosen for the Euro 2016 include Stadi de France, Some of the newly constructed Stadiums like Lily, Lyon, and Nice stadiums. The picking off nine places to play for Euro was used for 16 team’s format but for the first time the Euro 2016 might take place in 11 venues since they have added eight teams on the list of the competing teams.

Team training camps

All the teams participating in the Euro 2016 cup were to choose their base camps, where they will be staying during the tournament, and they were to submit to UEFA by 31 January 2016. These teams were to choose their favorite base out of the 66 bases provided.


Each of UEFA Euro 2016 championship participating team is expected to present 23 players where three must be goalkeepers. After submitting the names of the players to play for the team. The list can be changed unless on the player suffers serious illness before the team plays their first game.


Euro 2016 is expected to have five groups which after the group stage they will be shortlisted to round 16 where eight matches are to take place. The top participant of the group 16 will proceed to quarter finals where two matches are to be played, and the winners will proceed.

The winners of the Quarter finals will progress to semifinals where only two matches will be played and finally the winners of the semifinals winners will proceed to finals where the best team will carry the European Championship 2016 title.

After the tournament, a Euro 2016 video will be released by Konami, and it will feature all the participating teams and players. The Euro 2016 organizer has also chosen the theme song for the tournament and also a closing song.

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